NicoleTwo girls, two worlds. Sarah Jacobs lives in Houston Texas. Twali Al-Dhab lives in a squatter village in the Janub Darfur region of Sudan.

At first glance, you might imagine that the two would have little in common. But thanks to Nicole “The Ambassador Of Hope” Ritchie, the two 12 year old girls are tied together by deep bonds of connection.

“I loved ‘Simple Life’!” says Sarah.  “My genital mutilation is healing pretty well, all things considered.” says Twili.

Recent technologies, including cordless phones and Reebok ‘Pump’ shoes, are also shrinking our world into a ‘global community’ and people are finding that we more alike than we are different.

Says Sarah Jacobs, “Africa is where they filmed ‘King Kong’. I thought it was stupid, but it was sad when he fell off that building.”  Says Twili: “This fly on my eyeball has been there for a week now. Its his home. I would be lonely if he left.”

Nicole Ritchie has become to all of us a beacon of light in the world by which we see that no matter which fingers we wear our DeBeers diamond rings on-we’re all ‘thumb-body’. She points out to us that while we’re all running in the Rat Race, what really matters is the Human Race.  A Certified National Treasure, Nicole Ritchie will continue to bring hope of a bright future to all.

Sarah Jacobs looks forward to: getting totally trashed at her friend Missy’s house this weekend, the day after Thanksgiving because the Crossroads Mall is having a huge sale, and maybe getting up to Aspen this winter for some skiing.

Twili Al-Dhab looks forward to this weekend when she will be beheaded and then raped 6 times.

Ryan McGivern