Common sense has completely left our grocery store check out lane conveyor belts. I remember a time when food would simply be respectfully given its personal space and that was enough for any cashier to see the two piles as “separate but equal”.

Now the American people have called for a wall of a little plastic stickto condemn our food to a cell of cordoned off isolation. Last night, I placed my box of Lifestyle PetiteUltraSlim condoms, banana, and bottle of B vitamins nearly a full 15 feet away from the preceding pile. This cavernous gap was not enough for the cashier to understand and he scanned MY stuff with the other guy’s stuff.

The guy said: “That’s not mine.”
I said: “Yeah, he’s right. It’ mine.”

We were greeted by moronic glazed eyes.
It took another 5 minutes to sort it out.

Didn’t we learn anything from “Rabbit Proof Fence”?  Didn’t that President tell someone to “Take down the wall”? We have lost our vision of an integrated society, obviously.
Dogs on leashes, prisoners in cells, hairnets on our food service men and women, it all points in one direction-fascism.

I call on you all to boycott the use of checkout lane dividers! Viva la comida a la supermercado!

Ryan McGivern,
Animal Fights Activist, Tree Debugger