1. Do you realize you are destroying the rain forest?
  2. Should all stairs be escalators?
  3. Do you hope that God is transgendered?
  4. Does the dicotomy of greater then/less then govern our interactions?
  5. Would you make out with me?
  6. Should the dictionary be replaced by a quotationary?
  7. Do dictionaries turn you on?
  8. What word should be deleted from existence?
  9. On a scale of -8 to 3, how great are these dictionary questions?
  10. Trees are now houses, houses are now trees, which would you live in?
  11. Would you make out with yourself?
  12. Do you spend any time pondering what your parents think about?
  13. Which member of your family would you prefer not to exist?
  14. Would you eat panda meat if it looked really tasty?