1. [urban planning] Better mode of transportation: catapult or waterslide?
  2. [oceanography] If your legs fused together would you scream: “I’m a beautiful, beautiful mermaid”?
  3. [anatomy] Boobs: love ’em or leave ’em?
  4. [philosophy] So, what’s new?
  5. [greater good] Should Eve have castrated Adam?
  6. [jumping] Is Hip-Hop dead?
  7. [hygiene] If the choice was your hand or sandpaper, how would you wipe your diarrhea?
  8. [mechanic] What’s the deal with Axel Rose?
  9. [fine dining] Twinkies do not biodegrade; how many have you consumed?
  10. [romance] If you were a cow, would you let me squeeze your udders?