1. [morality] Near the Applebees dumpster you find a stack of one thousand dollar bills. There is a cockroach sleeping on the stack. Do you keep the cockroach as a pet?
  2. [super powers] Would you choose invisible teeth or having all your thoughts broadcast throughout Times Square?
  3. [physics] Do you feel me?
  4. [romance] If I lit your hair on fire, would you describe yourself as all hot and bothered?
  5. [movies] Would you go down on me in a theater?
  6. [war] If hotdogs replaced bullets and orgies replaced suicide bombings, how quickly would you sign up for the Armed Forces?
  7. [economics] If I dropped a dime on your ass, would you respond with no quarter?
  8. [sexuality] Lake Placid or Watery Grave?
  9. [education] Teaching gorillas English-a) patriotic b) anglo-centric c) fun until they can file charges of sexual harassment.
  10. [child rearing] infanticide via insectide or SIDS via SARS?
  11. [12 step programs] Now that you are on your third step, do you feel a) holier than thou, b) like a schmuck, c) lonely for all the irresponsibility the second step afforded
  12. [being] To be or not to be?