I’ve got a song in my heart and it goes by the tune of “God Bless America”.
Only the words have been changed to be about how I want to make love to you.
Ever since I met you, I knew that all the tattoos I have of other girl’s names were a mistake.
You got what it takes, girl. I imagine you and me raising kids together.
This love is for real. I’ll do anything I can to catch your eye.
I’ll not participate in the weekly cell block riots, I’ll not participate in the gang rapes
in the laundry room, I’ll even take out a hit on inmate #354622 because he threw his semen at you as you passed his cell on your rounds.
I was sentenced 70 to 80 years for cannibalism, but now I’ve got a life sentence of loving you.
In my dreams, I’m not wearing a bright orange jumper-I’m wearing a tuxedo.
In my dreams, you’re not wearing a security guard uniform, you’re wearing a bridal gown of human skin I’ve made you.
Girl, next time I have a psychiatric evaluation and I’m transported through your guard station, I’m going to show you how much I love you by making a flicking motion with my tongue at you.  
I love you, girl.