Summer Olympics 2008 will be held in China and the world is so excited!
What is not getting as much media attention is the
Animal Olympics which will be held in Sweden this November 11th through the 25th.

Some of the events included will be:
The Great American Cook-Off
Michael Vick’s “Mad Max” Dog Sledding Marathon
A Chimpanzee Round Pound
Bear-ly Legal Photo Shoot
George “The Animal” Steele vs. a knife wielding kangaroo
Giraffe Burning (a Salvador Dali retrospective)

Of course, with every wonderful event of world unity, there will be detractors.

There have already been a number of protesters who have called for a halting of
Animal Olympics because they feel it is too soon after the Munich Animal Olympics.

Last year, four iguanas were killed when extremist sloths raided the Reptile Hut.

“We need to make sure security improvements have been made. It is simply a matter
of good sense.” Said a squid who is protesting the Winter Games in Sweden this year.
The squid had been slated to fight a submarine in a battle to the death, “but with the horrors of Munich hanging over our heads, I feel my participation would not be in good taste.”

Organizers are answering the criticisms with confidence.
“We’re ready this year. Security measures have been made.” Said Bubbu, a Jack Russell Terrier in charge of bomb sniffing. “Believe me when I tell you that the only killing we’ll see this year in Sweden, is the money made at the beer garden.”

Ryan McGivern