stalkI don’t mean to sound complaining, but stalking you is a two way street.  This will never work unless we both decide to meet in the middle on this.

I’m willing to be flexible.  If I need to be more discrete when I hound your housemates about your whereabouts, I can do that.  But, it would be helpful if you told Justine that she’s not fooling anybody when she says she doesn’t know where you are, when its obvious that you’re hiding in the bathroom.

Communication takes two. And stalking is no different.  I remember when we first began our stalking relationship.  Everything was so fresh, new, and exciting! But I must admit that since you were fired from your job at Banana Republic because of my repeated phone calls and break-ins, things have lost their luster.

I’m trying to be understanding. But it seems that your family definitely does not accept me. I tried not to be offended when it happened, but the “Leave us alone and get a LIFE!”
note your mom left in the garbage for me to find was a little insensitive.

I know we’ll get through this rough patch. We’ve been through worse (your cat’s disappearance, etc.) and I know that we’re adult enough to make this thing work.

Ryan McGivern