• DATE: Saturday March 29th RAIN OR SHINE. Don’t be a wimp
  • TIME: 3:15pm
  • PLACE: Pike Place Market, corner of Pike and Pine. In the street, in front of the place that throws the fish.

A car will be blocking traffic so that we can safely fight in the street. Because we’ll be stopping traffic the fight will be 3 minutes.


– TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE FIGHT. Bring as many people as you possibly can. A big fight is a GREAT fight!
– CONCEAL YOUR PILLOW! Hide it in a backpack, a shopping bag, under your coat, etc. DO NOT go to the fight location and hang out with a pillow in your hand. Look busy: Pretend to shop, chat on the phone or with a friend, whatever, just don’t be obvious. (If you see someone hanging out, with pillow in hand, discreetly suggest that they look busy and try to hide the pillow)
– LISTEN FOR THE WHISTLE. There will be a diversion in the street to allow the car to stop for us and give the cars that were in front of it time to move down the street to give us enough room to have the fight. Don’t just start fighting because someone is in the street.
– After 3 minutes, a whistle will be blown again to stop the fight. STOP FIGHTING IMMEDIATELY AND WALK AWAY. Just like nothing ever happened.

    **AFTERMATH GATHERING at The Whiskey Bar (just in time for happy hour!) 2000 Second Ave. (206) 443-4490 Bring cash if you want to drink, because they don’t accept credit cards.

    Bring Friends, Tell people
    Conceal Your Pillow
    Don’t Hit Anyone Without a Pillow (Very important!!!)
    Watch Out for Cameras

    –If you come with a group, it’s helpful to spread out before the fight and come running from different directions–

    Seattle Pillow Fight Club MySpace page