I overheard this conversation at Peet’s coffee:
Guy: (approaches woman) have you had a chance to put on your Barack Obama stickers?
Woman: Oh. No.
Guy: Really? You’ve got to put one on and then give the other one to someone else who hasn’t got theirs yet. Imagine if all his supporters had them on their cars! You’ve really got to put yours on.
Woman: Oh. I don’t have any Barack Obama stickers.
Guy: What? Didn’t I give you yours already?
Woman: No. Are you mistaking me for someone else?
Guy:….Maybe I am. I thought I had given you two Obama stickers.
Woman: No, I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else. (both awkwardly laugh). Yes, I actually am supporting Hillary Clinton. As a woman, I really find her inspirational.
Guy:….Have you seen the Will.i.am video?
Woman: …No.
Guy: It’s on YouTube. You know Will.iam?
Woman: …No.
Guy: He’s with the Black Eyed Peas. You know the Black Eyed Peas? The music group?
Woman: …No. I do like music, but I’m more into classical.
Guy: Well Will.i.am made a video for Barack Obama. You really should see it. Will…I…Am. Its on YouTube.
Woman: …Okay.
Guy: Yeah, I really thought I’d given you those stickers. But I guess not.
Woman: Do I look like someone?
Guy: Well, no not really. Now that I think of it, she’s white and wears glasses. (both awkwardly laugh) All women look the same to me. Because I don’t look. I always tell my wife ‘I don’t look!’ (both awkwardly laugh and guy walks away)

Ryan McGivern