You know, I love America because there’s freedom to believe in anything you want.  But this Mafia Family is so preachy that it’s beginning to piss me off!

This last week when I was beaten up by one of the Family captains, I was like:
“Okay, whatever.”
but then he starts launching into this whole tirade about:
“Never question the Godfather!”
Whoa! Don’t push your views on me, man.

If you want to believe that “bringing Top Hat Louie out to the desert” is a good idea, fine. That’s your opinion. Maybe I even agree with it. But, don’t make me feel like I have to believe it too. This is America man!

I can respect people for who they are. I’m open-minded. When Guido prays the rosary while shooting foot soldiers from the Triad gang, I’ve never raised an eyebrow.

But when Tommy threw me in the trunk of the car last night after shooting me in the knee cap and told me I’d “better pray to God” that he wouldn’t kill me, that crossed the line.

And I’ve just got to say, Godfather, even calling you Godfather is kinda weird. Can’t we just settle on a non-theistic term like ‘Master’ or ‘Boss’?  No disrespect, Godfather! No disrespect!

Anywho, I hope that you can get my drift. I’ll see you all tomorrow at Maria’s baptism.

Ryan McGivern