Straight Flush
this weekend when your roommate leaves,
i’ll bring cards and wine for strip poker
when we sit at your breakfast nook I’ll even bring towels
to set down because I’m thoughtful
but I’m not (god forbid!) all ‘in my head’-
i’m an animal at the poker table
not a tiger, possum, monkey, rat, but human and barely tamed at that!
when you’ll tell me that you’ve got a straight flush
i won’t evaluate its statistical probability by clicking
my toenails on the linoleum and
call your bluff because i don’t care-
it sounds good and thrills me
to think it could be
besides, you’ll be cold in that drafty ol’ nook

Fast Falls
‘Abide with me; Fast falls the eventide’
when you took me to the park

to hear me
i was glad that it was you
to hear me
because i really didn’t want my life

Ryan Mcgivern