You Are Such A Brick Ryan McGivern

A pin dropped in a Greek amphitheatre I’m told
can be heard.
Who’s bringing pins there I’m not sure.
Maybe Athena, that goddess of household crafts.
That same pin driven into my eyeball
could be felt by me.
Whether in Greece or not.
Who would drive a pin into my eye,
I’m not sure.
Maybe Ares, that god of war and all around asshole.
And blind I may soon become, but I need it this way.
Ares’ way.
And you, you brick, make at once a prison wall
and cathedral tower.
Chartres and Babel.
You’re warm in the sun and I’ll
hide prayers in your cracks.
and like the tarot card, lightning will strike
you and “XVI” will appear above you
and I’ll come streaming out of you,
falling forever frozen in the air.
Tripped on the stumbling block

and crushed under the foundation stone,
I may soon become, but I need it this way.
Your way.