Like any God-fearing Atheist, I recognize Pride as one of the eight deadly sins (Patriotism is the recent addition) and I’m sinning like obesity, baby, with my four quarts of yellow Pride in The Cloud Appreciation Society (TCAS). I am a card-carrying, dues-paying member (seriously!), and if you have any self-respect left in that amoral empty soul of yours, you will join TCAS quicker than I can fill my water-bed with Pepsi (fourteen hours, eighteen-minutes, 6225 12 ounce cans).

And now, for your eyes only, porn from the Clouds That Look Like Things thread on the TCAS website. If you spooge or get wet or your nipples harden or your ears twitch or whatever being turned on does to the physical you, I understand. Don’t feel bad about your desire. Shame is for losers and Mindflowers readers have won seven of the last eight Triple Crowns (Note: Many Mindflowers readers are, in fact, horses).

[Apologies for the abundance of numbers and measurements in this posting; I spent today writing grants and Foundations adore quantifiable data. I am stuck in that mode].

clouds about to kiss
the runaway
Icarus headed for trouble or a ghostly Afghan Hound
lying down on a cloud