We have gone too long being blind to the realities of hummus ingestion!
This is a call to ALL people of our Mother Earth to realize: “Real Aussies Eat Hummus!”

The child in this picture: Will it be raised in a pro-Aussie Hummus Eating family? That may be up to you. You sonofabitch.

Wake up, people! You sit there in your self righteousness thinking that real Aussies could some how “maybe eat hummus.” or think “eating hummus is not a requirement of authentic Australianism.”
You make me sick.
Look at the state of affairs in our hummus consumption. People are using it as a chip dip, adding it to salads, sandwiches, as a ‘side’ or as a condiment. All this is done without a single consideration of how eating hummus has been completely co-opted from “The Natural, God Created Order of Australia” as a hummus centered State.

P.S. You Austrailians who don’t eat hummus-I’m praying for you.

Ryan McGivern