5:00 am: JJ awakes to baby birds chirping on his window sill.
He uses an eyedropper to feed them mashed up mealworms.
6:20 am: Ryan wakes up wet again.
6:28 am: Ryan goes back to sleep.
10:30 am: Ryan visits the Encino Sperm Bank and is happy to find the new issue of High Society is in.
10:31 am: Ryan sheepish hands over an empty collection cup to the kind Nurse/Sperm Wrangler, shrugs and says, “Uhh, you’ll need to change the bed sheet in Collection Room Two.”
10:32 am: JJ tells a co-worker, “Sure I can refill your stapler!”
10:33 am: Ryan wanders round the corner from Encino Sperm Bank to Starbucks. He orders a cheesecake danish, knowing he is allergic to wheat and dairy and would experience diarrhea in a few hours. He swallows the pastry in two bites.
10:36 am: Ryan gets in line again and orders another danish.
10:36 am: JJ helps an old woman across the street.
10:42 am: Ryan sees a woman sitting at a small round table by the front door. He stares at her breasts, muffin top, back breasts, and hamhocks as he stuffs the second danish in his mouth.
10:42 am: JJ picks up some litter and places it in its proper recycling bin.
11:03 am Ryan gets caught staring at that woman. She says, ” Can I help you?” Ryan says nothing and stands up, revealing an erection.
11:04 am: Ryan jerkily walks over to the garbage can and looks inside. He pulls out a soggy newspaper and leaves, muttering something about “teases”.
11:04 am: JJ calls his grandmother to remind her to take her medication.
JJ and Ryan McGivern