So I was just reading James Loewen’s “Lies My Teacher Told Me”
and I came across these fun facts!!

-in 1492, the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Europe had about 70 million people in it. The Americas had about 100 million.

-between 1520 and 1918, there were 93 epidemics among the indigenous people in the Americas. (41 of smallpox, 4 of bubonic plague, etc.)

-in 1617, just before the religiously persecuted Pilgrims washed up, there were already many English and French fisheries and tradespeople some of whom would nab Native People to sell as slaves in Europe. While ashore doing their nabbing, they traded some bubonic plague too and within three years, about 93% of all the East Coast Native People were dead.

-The Pilgrims came to a wasteland of dying brown skinned people. And thanked God for it. The Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony called the plague “miraculous” and wrote that God had ‘pursued’ the the plague victims. The plagues were seen as divine providence to pave the way for the Christian settlers.
“Hey guys! Wanna come over for dinner? We got a shit loadda turkey over here.”
“Uh, we’re kinda busy. And….everytime we hang out, we get a new disease.”
“Pish posh. (Coughs in their direction)”
“So uh.”
“Yes. Well. How’s that dying thing going over there?”
“Not good.”
“Praise God!”
“…..I thought you said…”
“This turkey is delicious.”