If you want the worst of customer service, ineptitude, and absolute dismal performance,
check out Santa Barbara’s Grant House Sewing Machines!!

There is nothing worse than people who don’t care about their customers.
And this establishment of thougtlessness takes the cake.

I have personally seen service people ignore customers, be completely ignorant in their duties,
not know anything about sewing machines (which you might expect a sewing machine store to), and be unapologetic about their dismal performance and ass-clowning.

These barnyard troglodytes make elephant seals look totally elegant in the way they go about their business. This is the picture of what happens when a store has no competitor in town (though I heard that a team of banana slugs were opening shop in Santa Maria so watch out, Grant House).

If you like life, sewing, kindness, customer service, smiling, basic human kindness, or brain activity, stay away from Grant House Sewing Machines in Santa Barbara.

Cynthia McGivern