Ever since some hunchback got the idea to build a clock tower and then hire another hunchback to ring the bells in said clock tower, folks have understood the benefits of HUDs, or Heads Up Displays.

Imagine yourself in a village and always having to walk to the sundial over by the Rectory to figure out how much longer until the witch burning.
Boring! Tiresome! Inefficient!

The village clock tower solved all those problems. Information distributed equally in the easily seen locale of the creepy church where the screams come from.

Cell phones have done their part in killing off the watch, the one last piece of jewelry that looked good on me. (My nipple rings make me look fat.) They, being aligned by cingular, or Verizon, coordinate time-keeping like the village clock tower, but set people back in the Department of Ease. Now, when you ask the time, people have to rummage around looking for their cell phones in their fanny-packs, Umbro shorts, Zubaz, Cross Colors pants, or baby tee, depending on what era they’re from.
Boring! Tiresome! Inefficient!

Now, we’re on our way to create contact lenses with microprint displays that will become the ultimate HUDs, relaying weather, traffic, face recognition technology (for those awkward “what’s that douchebags name?” moments), and oh yes, the current time.

From http://ieeexplore.ieee.org
Summary: “
Conventional contact lenses are simple polymer structures primarily used for the correction of vision. In this paper, we present a set of microfabrication techniques that allow for integration of various micro-devices onto a contact lens. The integration of function into the structure of a contact lens opens a number of intriguing venues such as incorporation of a semi-transparent display directly on the structure of a contact lens or the inclusion of a bio-sensor directly on the surface of the cornea. We also discuss methods used to render the lens biocompatible for use in a rabbit eye.”

Oh how we’ll miss those sundials. They only count sunny days.

(Why rabbits need to know the time, is your guess.)