I’ve posted a lot about politics lately.  If this doesn’t interest you, let me know and I’ll cry myself to sleep.

Obama originally tapped New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to be Commerce Secretary, but he is under investigation and withdrew.  In related news, once Norm Coleman’s thinly veiled delay tactic-court cases subside and Al Franken gets in, there should be 59 Senators in the Democratic Caucus — 60 makes voting filibuster-proof (filibustering is an attempt to extend debate on an issue to infinity, thereby blocking a vote).

So get this, as reported by Roll Call:

The Obama administration has been floating the idea of naming Republican Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.) to be Commerce Secretary, several Senate sources said Thursday.

Bad-frickin-ass, huh?  New Hampshire has a Democrat for Gov., so the Senate appointment might tip the cup.