With silence, laughter, grief,
we share in common prayer
at Eucharist, in play, in mourning
we live in one Body

our words are political events
each has its own electricity that
burns and shakes awake scars
yet a Word has been spoken
that tends them

we dine at common meal
at a table larger than expected
(how we had been fooled!)
we thought the door locked to those that were
already in
(when the crowds blocked the door they were lowered
through ceilings)

each with our common cause
we spoke down Babel’s lines
and somehow missed that between heartbeats
we sang at once in tongues of angels

to dine
at common meal
our common prayer

we are sisters
we are brothers
we are not sin

we are praying together
in spirit
in common
and our words bat at each other blindly
(O that we may be one!)

when all is stripped away
(and it will be)
all that will remain will be love