If there is a right idea and a wrong idea, the answer is not to meet in the middle.  If you want to improve schools and it costs $40,000 to hire a new public school teacher and you compromise with Republicans by spending half that and giving the other $20,000 in tax breaks to oil companies, it doesn’t work, although this is defined as “reaching across the aisle”.  Oil companies are doing well; our public schools, not so much.  Anyone who says throwing money at schools doesn’t help obviously can’t comprehend the difference between a 40 and a 10 student classroom.  Hire more and better teachers.

Universal consensus is an impossible ideal and should not be the goal. Politicians who say this stuff — including Obama — are just pandering to what they believe is their centrist base, those people who don’t have opinions and want everyone to get along.  Centrist is not a helpful place to be — either you want to help the more oppressed members of society or you think they don’t matter, that they deserve to be where they are.  I don’t see how anyone can not have an opinion on this.

By the way, for an amazingly coherent explanation of why our banking system is failing, check out this episode of This American Life.  You can listen for free online.