April 2009

but I think that the guy that I have been having a nightmare-of-an-affair with for the past 6 month’s best friend – the one who pulled me aside early on to warn me of what’s to come – told me while we were hanging out in my room smoking pot before bed that he sang “Pretty Woman,” “Simple Man,” and “The Joker” playing rock band at his friend’s house tonight. He also was sleeping in my bed last night. We also might be going on a camping trip next week..?

read it and weep

read it and weep


funhole3Did I tell you I’m co-starting a kiosk-style restaurant? We are planning on serving local grass-fed beef and vegan hot dogs, absinthe flavored lollipops, fresh kava kava, corn on the cob, coconut-dipped ice cream and more in the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont, also known as the Center of the Universe.

Our Mission Statement: To offer a fine, fast-dining experience for the good people of Fremont–yes, our food is fast, but it’s also tasty, astonishingly local and sustainable, invigorating, and post-revolutionary.

Today was a huge milestone for us — we passed the health inspection! Our opening day is schedule for May 1!

Read all about our process of starting a business in this blog.

the burnsweet of cider wildfire over a crowded bar
and the god between us is again awakened

be over and ivy, shade and grow

relax the spine and ovaries
overturn the overwrought
make again placid understanding the occult
scars that inscribe

I desire you
I desire you beyond your body
to exactly your body and where your body meets mine
beyond my body to where my body melts

the chocolate that was kept on the table
melted last week in the morning heat and resettled in the
Alcatraz train horn cool that returns ghosts to
sleep and chocolates

I haven’t forgotten you
I could cut my hair for days and still not outgrow you
you narrowly subtle-bodied marrow
I’m still willingly prisoner

I haven’t seen this yet because I am sitting in a loud all night diner with mediocre wireless (mirroring the quality of the food).  But 200 folks performed Do Re Me in an Antwerp train station.

UPDATE: Make sure you watch the whole thing.  It starts off slow and then gets wet and wild around 2:10.

…Sherman Alexie sat next to me at a coffee shop.  It is weird when celebrities actually exist in the day to day grind.

I salute you, Iowa and Vermont! Two wins for love and freedom in single week. John Stewart said:

It is official, Iowa is more liberal than California.

What do you think of this… Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos wrote:

You know what would help with marriage equality? For gay couples who have committed themselves to each other to call each other “husband” and “wife”. I still hear “my partner” way too much. The more people get used to men talking about their husbands, and women talking about their wives, the easier it’ll be to change the culture and, ultimately, the law.

I don’t know about this origins of this, but frickin’ wow.

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