There are many people in the world.
Some, say The Eurythmics, just want to abuse you.
Some will give you bacterial meningitis.
There is one person however who will do you no wrong.
Besides Buddha and Kahil Gibran that is.

She is like the wind.
Or rather, she is like the sunshine.
Maybe like a spring rain.
Or a cloud. But a fluffy cloud. Not the sad kind.

Scratch that. She is not a meteorological or natural event at all.
She is like a lazer beam. Or a microwave oven.
Or maybe neither. Anyway, she is not like a moldy towel.

Her name is Saunia Powell and lemme tell you:
you should meet her.
Seriously. You think that you’ve got life all wrapped up and figured out don’t you?
Well get ready to have your mind exploded because you don’t know jack taint
about nuthin’ until you meet Saunia Powell.

So in your plans for the next year, alongside your trip to see your cousin in Topeka, make time to meet
Saunia Powell.

You won’t regret it.


*Saunia Powell likes tea but not coffee. Take her out for a nice tea, won’t you?
*Saunia Powell likes the sunshine, but for Chrissakes, she’ll sunburn if she’s out too long. Be a dear won’t you and bring some SPF 40.


Ryan McGivern