Dear Mr. Barber,

My name is Ryan McGivern, I am a faithful Irish Catholic and I wanted to share that your comments on the appointment of Amanda Simpson as Senior Technical Advisor within the Commerce Department were hurtful to many Christians.

I wonder what ‘political correctness’ means to you. Does it mean being compassionate towards others?

Or are you using ‘political correctness’ in the false understanding it bore in the 1990’s to discredit justice work along racial, gender/sex identities, and other social constructs?

It seems from your statements, you are belittling the success of this woman, and not giving her the same integrity and respect you would to any other woman.

I love Christ and I love transgendered people. I know a number of Trans Christians and we have worshiped alongside each other and I am glad to share in the same Spirit.

I leave you with this question: What would happen if the love of Christ was so real that it could celebrate all peoples’ successes and applaud the labor of each person?
Would that be a scary thing?

The progress of Trans folk in America will not be diminished with ‘political correctness’ rhetoric.

Yours, Ryan McGivern

Contact J. Matt Barber:
434  592  5300