Here you go with some trends to look for in the upcoming decade!

Optic Upgrades: These may be limited to glasses this decade, but look soon for implantable devices that will reside in/on the eye. These upgrades will give you a number of options for visible information, flipping from thermal to night vision and back to ‘standard’ easily. There will be market wars on these as competing entertainment companies release compatibilities with different 3D technologies also.

With these Optic Upgrade glasses, expect a much more information dense range of vision as Enhanced Reality becomes the standard way of viewing the world. Popular iPhone and Android applications are available and widespread already

Enhanced Reality will create a new way of seeing and being in the world. Expect in this decade ER social networking applications that will give you personal data ‘tags’ appearing over participating users. That way, as you stroll down the street, you may see someone who is also logged in and above them will be such ‘tweets’ as: “Going out for drinks!” 

So called E-Book Readers will be exposed as being a fluke and will disappear quickly as the iTablet is released. The instantaneous access, flexibility and interactivity of the internet in a ‘reader’ format will aid in the weaning off of paper culture. Expect iTablet reading apps with notation enabled to allow you to write in the margins. 

iTablets will become mainstream in college campuses as all of a student’s semester’s readings will now be accessible through downloads or internet. This will drastically cut costs, aid in student brainstorming.
Of course, on campuses group projects will become much more easy to schedule as video conferencing will also be available. 

Implatable devices in us will announce our location to approved network users. Parents will no longer have to question where their children have been. These devices will also carry medical and debit card

Watch for phone server providers to begin placing cameras in many popular congregating public spaces so that parents, friends, and network users can not only locate you, but watch you either live or later in recorded databases. This service will be called into evidence not only in normal crime situations, but most importantly by citizens made victims of police misconduct.

Reverse engineering of the human brain and cloning technologies  coupled with artificial intelligence/sentience research will create grey-matter computers. These will utilize the strengths of bio-computers (brains) and three dimensional circuits. Soon these circuits will be “four dimensional” as they will self-organize and change over time as the sentient machine sees fit.

Most important in this decade of cultural paradigm shifts will be the slow but marked demise of the American Car Culture. The American Car Culture is characterized by a personally owned/leased vehicle, roads, highways, parking lots, fast food culture, and the support industries of repair/maintenence, tires, and fuel. Though this is just a sketch of what is involved in American Car Culture, it will become more and more clear to Americans and the world that this model is wastefully ineffecient, environmentally damaging, unfulfilling, and the tool of class warfare. While the switch to solar charged electric vehicles and ‘city runner’ golf cart type cars such as the Segway Puma will be successful, this decade will show even greater changes. 

As car culture dies, city planners will have two new reasons to innovate more livable cities: the road/block structure will be unnecessary, and residential/work districts will become more synthesized. 

America’s culture of excessive consumption will begin to be overcome in part through trends in religion and the ending of the American colonial empire.

Slow food movements and eating locally produced foods will increase and watch for hipsters to soon take over the Block Party model to begin hosting weekly potlucks on your newly car-vacated streets. 

Houses will continue to unattractive to most Americans as many will move to urban clusters, dissolving suburbia. Apartments as well as large houses now taken over by multiple/extended families will become popular as well as organized community lots (think ‘compound’ without the creepy sect feel).

Flash Mobs will increase and begin to become more complex and ornamented as they begin taking on mainstream ritual functions.

An era of religious renewal will sweep America as its Empire is diminished. An age of humility, humanistic ideals, service, and interfaith dialogue and labor will ensue.

Mainstream churches will continue to lead the way in civil and human rights causes and expect Evangelicals to get behind full celebration of LGBTQ folks also.

Catholic Bishops will increasingly speak without fear opposing the Vatican on condom use.

Liberal Islam will again be seen as the metropolitan faith in much of Europe. 

Ecology and environment concerns will lead many places of worship to become carbon neutral before commercial buildings.

Non-theistic Christianity will continue to succeed under differing expressions emphasizing Non-Literal, A/theistic, Humanistic, and Pluralistic tendencies.  

TV will become really just the internet streamed over high quality screens. TV  networks and cable will become obsolete as all viewed content will be hosted on highly niche websites.

Ease of quality movie making, interest in user loaded content, and ‘reality TV’ genre will create ‘non-professional’ channels on the internet. This will result in a cultural revolution as heretofore under-represented communities will be afforded wide dissemination and control of content.

The largest entertainment sector will continually be increasingly what we know as ‘gaming’. World of Warcraft and Second Life type platforms will be synthesized and soon even integrated into Enhanced Reality applications. This will allow ‘Second Life’ locations to begin sprouting up in real geography but existing in Artificial Reality. 

Within the decade, marriage will be available to all adult age Americans. Soon the marriage debate will move to legalizing plural marriages.

Voter protection acts will increase which will benefit people of color and the poor who have in recent years have been exploited by voter fraud, uncounted ballots, and misinformation. This process will benefit the Democratic party. 

The Green Party will be reimagined and become a stronger force in politics starting at the local level and state levels.

Marijuana will be legalized and substance abuse will be de-criminalized, greatly decreasing urban violence.

Laws against war profiteering will become more stringent and internationally enforced.

International Labor Unions will become popularized. Fair and equitable wages, housing with dignity as well as health care will be afforded these international workers directly through the Union if not through their native countries.  

American Empire
This will be the decade that history will reveal being the great ending of the American Militarized and Colonizing Empire.

This will be characterized by a number of events:
The withdrawl and closing of military bases around the world.
A diversion of military funding to humanitarian relief, making the US the world’s most effective provider of disaster response. This will effectively be a Peace Corps that will have billions of dollars and the world’s best equiptment at its disposal.
The US will withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.
The US will commit to decommission its nuclear warheads and will lead the world in its nuclear dearmament. 

Looks like its going to be a good decade! 
What predictions do you have for it?
What will you be working towards?
What are your hopes, visions, and plans for your future?