1. [music] Did you hear Nirvana is getting back together?
  2. [here] Are you present and accounted for?
  3. [copper] Are pennies really lucky?
  4. [the one] Did you know Tom Petty is your soul mate?
  5. [travel] Will you go there with me?
  6. [wink] Do you know that I know?
  7. [objectivity] Be one and the same with me in the universal conciousness.
  8. [architecture] Do you think your own brain is a form of a glass ceiling?
  9. [nutrition] If weapons of mass destruction were vegetables, would you eat them?  Do you think they’d give you gas?
  10. [stain] If I ripped your heart out and gave it you would you hold it against me?
  11. [hope] Does US law say anything about zombies?  By this I mean when Ted Kennedy rises from the dead next week will he regain his Senator status and let us pass that health care bill?
  12. If Rush Limbaugh was your lover would you make him wear one of those French maid outfits and dust your porcelain bunny collection or would you prefer to just strangle him with his large intestines?
  13. Pigeons or seagulls?
  14. Why do you think black teenage males are 36 times more likely to get gonorrhea the white teenage males?
  15. What’s the square root of a potato.