Remember when the United Church of Christ (UCC ) wanted to air a commercial during 2004’s Super Bowl and CBS shot them down citing a
‘non-controversial ad policy’?
You’re not the only one. Millions of Christians around the country do also.
Now it turns out the CBS will air a commercial backed by Focus on the Family with a ‘pro-family, pro-life’ message.
Nothing goes better with nachos and football than shaming, anti-choice, anti-privacy, anti-family rhetoric!
Yes. I did say anti-family. Many women in families have chose to have abortions. They are not ‘less than’ any other woman.

Write CBS today to let them know that preferential treatment towards religious fundamentalism is not okay. This is not about squelching the freedom of speech, this is about adhering to a consistent ‘non-controversy policy’.

Here’s my letter to CBS:
Your choice to disallow the UCC commercial in 2004 but okay the
Focus on the Family ‘Tim Tebow’ commercial during the 2010 Superbowl
is hypocritical.
You are leaving millions of Christians no choice but to
assume you support religious fundamentalism and show
preferential treatment to radicalism (false and damaging
information about LGBTQ communities, anti-privacy sentiments).
Millions of Christians will be motivated to contact sponsors
to withdraw support of your programming if you do not
come to a just and fair action in this matter.

Next, let CBS sponsors know that you’ll put your money where your mouth is.

Ryan McGivern