As you may have read, our elected leaders continue their never-ending efforts to pass some form of government subsidized widely affordable and freely chosen insurance option. Though millions of hard working Americans have spoken clearly and told the politicians that they require some form of affordable health care insurance for their families, we Tea Partiers are still not listening. We want Americans–all Americans to be independent of health insurance.

Our country is crippled by debt. That is, many hard working families have been bankrupted and medical costs represent the number one cause of bankruptcy.

Our country is also crippled by loss of healthy labor hours due to American workers missing work due to medical problems that they can’t afford to fix.
And you know what? That’s the cost of freedom. Freedom isn’t free people. Neither is the ability to receive medical attention and prescriptions.
We want all Americans to be independent–from the option of affordable insurance.

Despite the Tea Partiers’ misportrayal of the health care option many Americans believe that health insurance reform is needed because of bloated costs and huge bureaucracies.

Our elected officials seem unable to get a handle on their fiscal obesity, and it appears they are committed to a course of national economic suicide.
So we say: “Allow our nation’s children to continue in their world leading obesity and diabetes! And give us the freedom to have our depression untreated giving rise to higher rates of suicide!

Government size and spending will be overlooked when the military is concerned. Keep those wars a comin’!

Tea Party Patriots stand for individual responsibility. If you get cancer–go fuck yourself.
Tea Party Patriots stand for constitutionally limited government. We’ll be asking to repeal the VA, Medicare, and Social Security Benefits soon. Not to mention state subsidized programs.
Tea Party Patriots stand for free markets. We want our money to go to for profit corporations via bloated, greedy, and out of control insurance companies.
None of the proposed bills even remotely fall within our core values.

We Tea Party Patriots will represent health insurance options as:
“Government taking over our health care” and that would not be smaller, limited government.
Even though government would not be ‘taking over’ health care but really providing an affordable insurance option to working middle class Americans, we still don’t like the sound of it.
We want independence from compassion.
We want independence from options.

Eighty percent of Americans know a friend, family member, or neighbor who has lost their job.
And 21 to 31 million Americans are uninsured.

Taking leadership is a patriot trait.
That’s why we’re determined to lead America down a road of opposing anything that looks like affordable options for health insurance for middle class working families.

The Tea Party Patriot will always stand ready to stand in the way of at least 21 million Americans getting healthy and back to work. Because that’s the obstinant, inhumane, and INDEPENDENT thing to do.

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