I’ve given up on you. I don’t want to know where this is going.
You’re like the mole on my shoulder that’s getting bigger and I refuse to look at anymore.
Name to me one instance of fun in the first three episodes. Do days normally go by on Caprica without a single moment of laughter? Maybe the Cylons put those emo, hat wearing slouches out of their misery.

Note: People like characters that they can identify with and care about.
Who is likeable so far?
Mopey diva mom whose character so far is 1) skinny 2) irritable
Dickish Steve Jobs dad who so far is 1) kinda good with computers 2) idiotic in everything else
Judgmental dickish prodigy girl who is Pollyanna/Avatar/Clunky Robot
Judgmental dickish prude wierdo girl
Low energy bad lawyer
Two bit parody of a mafia thug
Judgmental drug addict fundamentalist school teacher

The first three episodes have been like Dark Shadows meets Depressed Buck Rogers.
“Let’s sit around and mourn kids who we either know nothing about or probably wouldn’t want to know.”

Next time you start up a series, have some gripping and compelling drama with high stakes start it off.
(Like you did with BSG!)
Not focus on a group of Fundamentalist Church Youth Group Nerds and technical musing.

Caprica is a boring planet where everything seems inconsequential and ‘smart’ people act dumb when its convenient to the story.