It is a grand day for America, human rights, and civil liberties.
Michele Bachmann has announced that all people deserve the right to marry whomever they wish.
It is exciting that Rep. Bachmann has seen the light.
It takes great courage to stand up for individual freedoms and the right to honor God and/or one’s conscience however one sees fit.

Michele Bachmann has realized that America has always encouraged the free expression of one’s values freely in life, liberty, and happiness. And that must include the freedom to decide one’s own destiny and structure their family as they see fit.

Michele Bachmann has repented and now stands in solidarity with millions of LGBTQ and plural-lover families of faith who want to marry into families in ways that honor their faith.

Bachmann must also see now that it is not just an issue of religious freedom, but an issue of discrimination due to body configuration or chromosomes. Should one have to have a full body inspection before marriage to determine by a bloated government agency their sex? Should one undergo lab tests at the local City Courthouse to find if they have a Y chromosome before being granted by bureaucrats in Washington the ability to go to their Church and become fully recognized spouses?
Bachmann says ‘No!’
Why? Because Bachmann loves America. And freedom. And discrimination is unAmerican.

Thank you, Michele Bachmann. Gays and Lesbians thank you.