Do you love Minnesota? Do you value traditional marriage? 
Apply today for an exciting career as a  Family Evaluation Administrator (FEA)!

Job Requirements
*Degree from Christian college or university
*Age 18 or older
*Rudimentary knowledge of genitals

Job Description
Maintain Minnesota’s opposite sex marriage policy through stringent Government oversight and control. Tasks include going to marriage ceremonies to physically check under the bride’s dress and under the groom’s cummerbund. Assure that biology determines destiny by telling loved ones at the altar that specific parts of their bodies make them an illegitimate family before chasing them off with your FEA issue Tazer. In cases of hard-to-determine genitals, perform genetic testing.

Begin your exciting career today! Work for me as a Family Evaluation Administrator and get to work checking genitals. As we bloat Government, I Michele Bachmann, am determined to discriminate Minnesotans’ bodies and judge their families at tax payer expense. Imagine playing a part in ruining a family’s hopes and dreams by your judgment of their bodies!

Put your family values to work with me, Michele Bachmann, by intrusively inspecting genitals on wedding days!

St. Cloud/Waite Park Office
110 2nd Street S, Suite 232
Waite Park, MN 56387
Phone: 320-253-5931
Fax: 320-240-6905