Roy, you’ve hurt us in the past.
You’ve voted against Harvey Milk Day,
Against recognition of out of state same sex marriages, and
Against expanding discrimination laws.

But we’re willing to put all that behind us.
Because you’re now going to be our ally and stand alongside us in our march towards freedom, liberty, privacy, and equality.

We’re happy to have you in our communities. We know the timing wasn’t of your choosing, but we know that you will stand in courage and integrity by owning your wholeness. And we know that part of that integrity will be taking up our cause…your cause for equality of all Americans.

We love you Senator Roy Ashburn. We are willing to forgive you for misusing your political power to enshrine idols of hate and bigotry in our state of California. Because we know that you’re going to use this moment to shine. To stand against the tyranny of religious extremists and those who would have us…including you…be second class citizens.

We’re excited to see you blossom into the person you were meant to be.

Contact Roy Ashburn:
(916) 651-4018