Listen to the style that I flow as I let it go. Mad drama on the scene and mean muggin’ straight doggin’ Uly’s lean.
Peeps all in drama and it was nasty, wacky, from the werewolves to the fuzzies, doggz lookin’ attacky.
The apple of gold had its hold and hubris mad spread like mold and Athena was lookin’ to get rolled.
Aphrodite was all up in the mix lookin’ to send some haters ‘cross the river Styx and Hera was mo’ def’ puttin’ in her licks.
A trifecta of drama held the three mamas and Boy George’s cameleon was colored karma as each lady fronted her charma and Uly was like “sound an alarma!”
Eris was laughin’, str8 up ROTFL pointin’ and cacklin’ her teeth chatterin’ like Rice Krispies Snap Crackle and Poppin’
while HR Pufnstuf was puffin’ a torch and grubbin’ a muffin.
It was frantic on the stage, Emus were hectic, enraged and Opus the penguin punched a Puffin.
This was not the dawnin’ of the Age of Aquarius, it was more like the Rage of Ares, a Red Dawn for fairy and fawn
and the caterer was like
“Salvage as much of the canapies as you can!
Save the lunch and the canopies, man!”

It was outRAGEous! That Apple of Discord.
This is the way of gold, of want, of greed, and ego.
“To The Fairest” 3 words that led to the ending of the wedding,
from a place of peace to a sea of mean,
a scene of scream.

Ulysses pushed through the crowd yelling out loud:
“Penny! My Queen!”
She heard him but thought him a fiend, not friend. Thought she of he:
Had he not boldly told me as though to scold me
that he was joined my his “Plus One”?
Of my love to make fun and call our love done?
If our love be forfeit, I’ll quit his shit, for of his ribald and bald faced lies
I’ve had my fill and of his flouncy flaunting I’ve filled my eyes!

Ulysses had been duped and not fully grasped the scoop.
Eris had had the last laugh, and laughed she still.
By Ulysses’ schemes and by through devious means had he misled Eris by purloiningly
making her languished in the grips of a postal error and abject letterlessness. 
And now he was the butt of the joke, the ass of the ball, the biggest butthole of all:
His love lost, and in loss head downcast, thinking a thought he thought his last:
My life is not but naughty without my lady
And what I thought bright is only now shady
seen in the light of my life’s love lost. 
What cost!
Would there be but a way that I could prove myself in love to the hilt
to get rid of my guilt, a boat I’d have built and I’d do anything to show
that a life without love is no place to at all, only strife to grow.
Oh! Discord! Oh general assholery.

Eris sat down on down, the feathers of a phoenix that lay nearby and watched the show.
Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite were hitting each other with mushy marshmallows and popped popcorn while hurling some less than kind words. 
This, she wished could be blamed on her. While true incited by her inception of gate crashing the wedding reception, it was really not the fruit of her labor.
The Golden Apple was but a door for the vain to walk through into their own shame. 

“Oh, the madness of mortals. It is equaled only by the cruel minds of Gods.” says she as she reclined and pined for a day when she would rule again over all worlds and afterworlds. 
“Until that day I will sit and watch, unemployed. The work of discord well attended to by pious humanity and their almighty gods.”