Michigan–Hutaree members are scrambling more than just eggs today as they scramble to fill a five minute slot reserved for Palin’s scheduled key note address: “Mavericking: A Christian Message About Reloading To Target Socialists Who Are Taking Over Our Country And/Or Who Pal Around With Terrorists”.

Sarah Palin, slated as the headliner at Hutaree’s Annual Pancake Breakfast and Inbreed-A-Thon, has canceled her appearance last minute citing “A previous engagement I made at the whatcha call it? Hockey Moms for White Kids Fundraiser. Guess I double booked doncha know? Shucksy darn.”

Palin’s Public Relations manager Chester Drew Mews stated at a press conference this morning that Palin’s five minute speech “would have been an amazing feat of human genius. It was written in all caps on her hand and even used a four syllable word.” The four syllable word said Mews was “hopey changey”, a word he said Palin believes is French for ‘Marxist’.

Hutaree member and chaplain Lem Jessup Kerwalter sent an email to the other 6 members of the group reading “Jesus end-times PANCAKES sirup rightous End of DAys Christ Pancakes Ephesians Sara Palin JESUS I love PANcakes.”

The Breakfast’s opening act Michele Bachmann has said that she will be going forward with her planned “staring blankly while repeating sentiments posted in the comment threads of Fox news’ website.”