This post is under continual updating and revision for up-to-the-minute news on May 21st 2011.

1) God created the world in 11,013 B.C.

2) Noah’s Flood happened in 4990 B.C.

3) Jesus is going to rapture all real believers on May 21, 2011.

4) The world is going to be destroyed October 21, 2011.

5) Frankenmuth comes from the words “Frankenstein” and “Mouth”. Rendered from the original German, Frankenmuth means “The Kiss Of A Reanimated Monster”

6) May 21, 1988 was the last day of the Church Age, and the first day of the Great Tribulation, during which Satan has been ruling all churches and the entire world.

7) In the 2000 Census Frankenmuth Michigan had a population of 4,838. Eight being the number of completion, four being the number of balance and the Four Gospels, and three representing the holy dietary trinity of Breakfast Sausages, Eggs, and Biscuits.

8) Those who reject that Jesus is returning on May 21, 2011 “are in a spiritual nighttime, a condition that guarantees that when Christ comes they…will be destroyed in the Day of Judgment.”

9) Frankenmuth Michigan was settled in 1845, the same year that the Great Rabies Cloud hung over the Western Iowa Territories. 1845 added together is 18–the legal age to smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes taste really good and look glamorous.

10) “God commands…that true believers are to leave their church…because God’s righteous judgment is upon all local congregations.”

11) Everyone is invited to Frankenmuth Michigan’s World Expo of Beers on May 21, 2011. Everyone will have a good time and people will be cared about and no one will be destroyed, judged, or annihilated.

12) Beer is delicious.

*Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10  are all taken from Harold Camping’s website or quoted directly from Harold Camping’s pamphlets titled: “Does God Love You?”, “No Man Knows The Day Or The Hour?”, “God Gives Another Infallible Proof That Assures The Rapture Will Occur May 21, 2011”, and “The End of The World is Almost Here! Holy God Will Bring Judgment Day on May 21, 2011”