Arizona–Jan Brewer lifted her voice in triumph, mimicking the blood lusty shriek of a teradactyl this morning as she surveyed her dusty wasteland. She celebrated the passing of SB1070, known as the “I’m Not Racist Or Anything…But” Bill by wiping her lily white pure European blooded ass with a copy of the Constitution.
“It feels good to begin the final solution of our alien invasion.” She said, clogging a toilet with a copy of the Bill of Rights and mounds of her steaming filth.

Many white people applauded the Bill. One Scottsdale resident, Yancy McGreagor, put a sign in his yard reading: “I Am Willing To Cheapen My Own Humanity For Some ‘Us Versus Them’ Politics!”
Mr. McGreagor told reporters, “I don’t care who this Bill is against. So long as its not against me. Has anyone seen my landscaper, nanny, pool guy, dog walker, housekeeper, or my daughter’s boyfriend? Man, where is everybody?”

The Bill, requires police to request proof of citizenship of any brown skinned people they may suspect of not being in the US legally.
The Bill has a number of other clauses including:
“Article 45: Police are required to congratulate White people for being White and give big hugs to redheaded or really pale people.”

A number of Americans are reacting with anger and disgust at the new Bill, many citing “the Constitution”, “Common sense and decency”, “the rule of law and not being an idiot”, “Christian morals” among other arguments many of which contain swear words and head shaking.

Jan Brewer spent the rest of the day looking at pictures of James Earl Ray and masturbating.

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