Okay okay okay! I’ll take another shot of whiskey.
You guys. You guys are peer pressurerers. Okay. One! Two!….Waitaminute.
Let’s get something real straight here. Let’s make a deal shall we?
Okay. Look. My bargain is this. Let the Wookie win.
No, just kidding! Okay.
My deal: I take this shot. And you guys do not put that foot and a half long eel up my ass when I pass out.

That’s it. That’s the deal or I walk away.
As a sign of trust I’ll take off my pants and underwear. There. That good enough for you?
Okay here I go! One! Two! Three! Wow! That one burned dude. That shot hurt soooooo good.
What are you doing with the eel? No. Why? You do not have to “take it out for a walk” dude. I’ve owned that eel for like five years and never once has it been taken for a walk.
Its an eel. Not a reptile. Not even a…….a….amphibian. Amphibian! Wow. That drink hit me hard. Hahahahahahaha!

Would you guys rather ‘do’ Jessica Alba or Megan Fox? Or who’s that one chick…from Battlestar Galactica?
Cylon. The Cylon. You know who I mean. Are you a Cylon? Hahahahhahah!
Where’s the eel? No. Dude. Seriously. Where is the eel? Somebody better produce a live eel right now.
Is the eel a Cylon? Hahahahhahahaha. Where is the eel.

Gawd I’m hammered. You know who I should call right now? Ray’s sister. I’m just kidding! Dude. JK. LOL. Dude. Ray. Don’t be like that. I don’t even like your sister like that. You can’t take a joke man.
I’m tired. I’m gonna lay down for a minute. I’m so tired its like…..Dude. Its like. Have you ever got your wisdom taken out?…I mean wisdom teeth. If you guys….draw a moustache on me or….put that eel up my ass I swear to gawd.