Dear Dr. George Rekers,

One’s coming out process is often difficult. There are just as many ways to ‘be out’ within one’s community and family as there are ways to express one’s sexuality. But it certainly is never preferable to be outed before one is ready or in a way that portrays their sexuality in a way that doesn’t feel right.

I’m sorry that you may be facing just such a situation now.

But I want you to know that there are many thousands of LGBTQ Christians, their families and allies who will be willing to welcome you without reservation or judgment in their congregations and at the Communion table.

Though in the past you have written such articles as one titled  “An Empirically-Supported Rational Basis For Prohibiting Adoption, Foster Parenting, And Contested Child Custody By Any Person Residing In A Household That Includes A Homosexually-Behaving Member” and perpetuated the falsehood that homosexuality may be ‘treated and cured’, we know that God is able to bring everyone into a greater loving understanding. We welcome you as you are: an equal sibling in the Kindom of God and invite you to enjoy the love of Christ while living in the fullness of who you are–without feeling that you must hide anything.

I do not speak for all LGBTQ Christian individuals or communities, of course. I know that many are still hurt by your past actions. But with the power of the Spirit there will be many to embrace all of who you are.

In Love, Ryan McGivern