I am a proud American and I’ve got to say what’s on my mind!
There is an insidious ‘deal with the Devil’ that is being posed right now.
You see the issue is this: Marijuana.

I just smoked a bowl of it and now I’m confronted…confronted! my brothers and sisters with a horrifying
possibility. If I eat that Swedish Fish that’s lying there on the coffee table I will begin to travel a slippery slope that could well end up with me eating 37 Swedish Fish.

Can you imagine how red my teeth will be?

It always seems okay at first. Then, either the next step or a resultant 20,000th step will bring you calamity!
You see it don’t matter about proximity of time or if it ‘logically follows’ or if other choices are offered you. You make one choice and BAM you will be setting into motion the gearworks of hell!

For instance. I just ate the entire bag of Swedish Fish. My sugar levels are dangerously high (high!) right now and what I’m now set to do is this: walk to the store to buy a Pepsi.

Yes, a wise person once said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” but another even more wise person said: “one step will lead you on a slippery slope taking you on a grueling Stephen King “The Long Walk” type of death march around and around the world until your feet explode and/or you walk a rut to the center of the Earth.”
Who knows where one step can lead you?
The machinations of cruel Fate have obviously beset me because I’m now walking to the store.

God of Our Founding Fathers, save me!
I have set a precedent!
Just like when this country legalized alcohol again after the Prohibition, I have hitched my wagon to a train whose destination is Ruination Airport! I have shot a Hail Mary pass to Sammy Sosa and the football is my soul!

O demon Marijuana, I should never have….wait…what was I talking about? God, I’m thirsty. I should get some Pepsi.
Oh! The store’s right here, man. Sweet.