Dear Dean Cordle,

I am writing in regards of Assistant Professor Mike Adams.
I am a Christian and I have spent the last many years involved in interfaith dialogue and social justice actions.
I am shocked by the recent developments and statements made by Mr. Adams. I have familiarized myself with his writings online and his statements on those he sees as ‘heathens’.
I was almost convinced that the ideas he espouses were made by another using his identity online–for they were so full of bitterness, slander, obstinance and rancor. Knowing that he has contact with young people at all let alone a university is frankly frightening.
I do not believe that it is outlandish to say that he seems imbalanced and in a very unhealthy state of mind. I am worried for the learning atmosphere of UNCW and the ability for all students to attend his classes without fear of reprisal or character assassination.
I know that Mr. Adams is not reflective of the integrity and high standards of your university. I do hope that the administration of UNCW will be able to use the full extent of their authority to ensure that an environment of civil, measured discourse is maintained and that all students can feel safe in class and on campus.

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