There are other universities out there.
You know, like ones with statues of Bibles and swords out front.

There is a degree called ‘pastoral counseling’ that some of these private Bible colleges provide.

If you want to go into a profession that has come to a hard fought consensus that you are opposed to on grounds of religious belief, maybe that profession is wrong for you. At the very least, you can keep your unfounded thoughts to yourself while at an accredited university that holds people to high professional standards. That way, you could sneak through, get your degree, and then go about ruining people’s lives by imposing your convictions on them.

It would have been simple.

But as it stands now, I figure you can still apply for a Bible college and get started this fall. Who knows? Maybe its God’s plan for you to go to North Central University in Minneapolis, an Assemblies of God college and my alma mater. They have a Social Work degree and are avowedly anti-gay.

Best of luck to you,