You may have seen this dog who’s ready to fight all the live long day.
He’s snarling and doesn’t care how many legs, horns, or cylinders you’ve got.
You may have seen this other dog who’s ribby thin and can’t go up stairs or hop on laps anymore.
He’s panting without fear looking at the sidewalk and greets each day with equal dignity.
To each dog their own. Both their wet noses are nuzzled by the sun if no one else.

Now think of that cat you know who is in perfect repose by the window.
Not too long before that glass tapping fly will be hers.

The Tao is like a sleeping child dreaming of a sleeping kitten who’s dreams have no complaining, yelling, loudly demanding a refund, name-calling, sounding an alarm that ‘there is no coffee’!
There in silence always, everywhere perfectly content is Tao.

I have never seen a single stream trout receive instruction of where to best lay her eggs.

Seeing how wide the reach of all embracing Tao is, why would one starfish ever wish to exclude another?