Your actions will enjoy being like water.
(Splashing joyfully)
Look at that rain! Its watering your flower pot as well as your noisy neighbor’s!
Water has that way of freely quenching everything and everyone around.
Silly/wise water: happy in the puddles alongside other people’s trash and bathing birds.

When you build up your great ziggurat, don’t forget to keep the dirt happy for the worms for the birds for the air.
When you start thinking, don’t think so much.
When you argue, be happy to lose the argument if you remain honest and kind.
When you are the leader, allow others to lead.
When you start a work, do it in the way that only you can.
When you are with family, count your many blessings.

Funny how when you give up trying to impress other people
that’s when they’re most impressed.
When being you, all bets are off. Live your day like only you can.