A neighbor sitting tightly on the train does not listen to what is around them.
Everyday they miss wisdom from 8th street to Lyndale. 

Another seated nearby argues their point forgetting that the truth has no need to be argued. 
A higher truth speaks for itself and the higher still holds silent. 

A person who has fogotten Tao is armed with many facts and yet travels further from truth.
The simple practitioner who remembers Tao is calmly wise and gives up their seat, yet the world deems them dim. 

The practitioner is possessed by nothing for they hold loosely their possessions. 
She lives freely, gives freely and is increased through gifting.
She shares time, speaks cautiously, and sees herself as others.  

The openness of Tao is comforting like the easy rocking of a train.
The wonder of Tao can make you miss your stop.