One day, Jackalope and Monkey walked through the bamboo forest.
“Tell me Monkey, which is the greatest of all the schools of budo?”
“Greatest in size and fame or success in conflict?”
“The latter.”
“Success in destroying an enemy or accomplishing peace?”
“The latter.”
“Sounds like you are already on a good path of budo, Jackalope.”

Another day, Jackalope and Monkey walked through the bamboo forest.
“Monkey, tell me of a school of budo both strong and righteous.”
“Perhaps you have heard of it already–The Open Fist Clan?”
“No Monkey, I haven’t. They must be a very subtle and secretive school.”
“Their teaching is thus:
Never provoke a fight or incite another to violence.
Better to share warm sake than avoid a club.”
“Monkey, how can such a secret Clan exist?”
“You had not heard of them Jackalope so they must be doing something right.”

Another day, Jackalope and Monkey rested in the shade of the bamboo forest.
“Monkey tell me more of this Open Fist.”
“Their teaching is thus:
If the village bully is taking from farmers under threat
go to them, roll up your sleeve and till their pumpkin patch.
If a thief is coming through your kitchen window and robbing you
shine your knife and prepare him a chicken.
If you are given an insult offer a smile.
If you are given a slap to one cheek offer the other.
If all these fail, rejoice, for your victory is nigh.
Be afraid of losing nothing but your compassion.”
“This school of budo is a hard teaching, Monkey.
I can’t believe that such a teaching exists.”
“Not too many believe in you either, Jackalope. Yet here we sit.”