Monkey and Giraffe watched people pass in the marketplace

Giraffe saw a famed professor of the university pass with a trail of students behind
“O, to be so intelligent!” Giraffe said.
Monkey looked at the nun who knew hunger 
and knew how to share her bread as well “Yes!”

Giraffe saw a mighty warrior who’s wrath was great
“Golly, to be so strong!”
Monkey looked at the  merchant who never showed
anger despite the thieving of gangs “Yes!”

Giraffe saw the town’s richest woman pass
“Shucks, if only I could be so rich.”
Monkey saw the mother gazing into her
baby’s face as she nursed “Yes!”

Giraffe said “Monkey, as nice as it may be
to be like other folk, I’m glad that I’m me
and you’re you because how often do friends
agree with each other as we?” Said Monkey, “Yes!”