A theologian was asked by a graduate student why their school of philosophy was better 
than the theology espoused by the divinity school down the road 
and the theologian listed many reasons why theirs was more righteous
a janitor passed by and hearing this exchange added many reasons why the other school
was better and finished saying “our seminary is only as noble as we make others out to be”
the theologian took her hat off and bowed before the janitor

a great and proud gang leader had angered the leader of a neighboring gang
the insult had grown to where their thugs became faced off in a grocery store parking lot
the proud gang leader went before the rival gang and groveled and begged forgiveness for her slight
they mocked her, spat on her, and tore her clothes
she returned with her thugs to their hangout at her auntie’s house
“what a shame!” “what a disgrace!” “what a defeat!” her thugs wailed while swearing revenge
“sisters,” says she
“how many of you are injured or dead tonight? are we not together drinking malt liquor?”
she drank again and said “then we need no revenge for we are victorious”