A November 2010 voter guide for Santa Barbara California.

Voting Day is Tuesday November 2nd…are you registered?

How To Vote: Jerry Brown

Why: Jerry has a proven record of benefiting our State. As previous California Governor, mayor of Oakland, and California attorney general, he has the experience and connections with Californians that make him the best candidate. He has fostered job growth in the past and has a good environmental record. He is an advocate of clean energy jobs and understands the future of innovation and green economies. Jerry has a comprehensive energy plan that will support clean energy independence. He is also consistent in his stances on migration and is a stalwart advocate for Latino families in California. He is a fierce defender of privacy and personal liberties.

Lieutenant Governor:
How To Vote: Gavin Newsom.

Why: Gavin is the current chair of the California Commission of Economic Development and he knows how to keep California so attractive to innovative companies. Clean-tech and green jobs are areas where the economy is headed and Gavin is committed to nurturing these trends to best benefit California’s working families. His time as mayor of San Francisco established his reputation as a foreward thinking and tenacious representative of the people of California. He is also a great ally to LGBTQ communities and all of California’s families.

Secretary Of State
How To Vote: Debra Bowen

Why: As secretary of state, Debra earned the JFK Library and Museum Profile in Courage award by protecting voters and standing up to big corporations. Cracking down on voter fraud and opening the government to greater transparency are among her driving goals. A government that works for the people and is accountable to voters has been Debra’s project and we should support her in this goal.

How To Vote: John Chiang

Why: John stood up for California’s workers when Governor Schwartzenegger threatened to decrease state employees to 6.55 dollars/hour. John also is creative and proactive. In 2007, he helped struggling Californians by creating alerts that aided Californians recover seized assets.

How To Vote: Bill Lockyer

Why: Bill is on top of tort reform, incentives for and accountibility to high ecological protect of our state. He’s independent minded and let’s the law and the best interest of the state dictate his direction–not party.

Attorney General
How To Vote: Kamela D. Harris

Why: Kamela knows that the death penalty is immoral and ineffective. She crafted the Back On Track program that was signed in by Schwarzenegger. Kamela also brings a wise view of economics to recidivism to address larger forces to be addressed in reducing crime and bettering life in California. She opposed the anti-liberty Prop 8. She desires to hold parents accountable in student truancy, knowing that values learned at home matter.

Insurance Commissioner
How To Vote: Dave Jones
Why: Dave is supported by working people, liberty advocates, and conservative land-use groups far moreso than his opponent.

Member, State Board of Equalization, 1st District
How To Vote: Betty Yee, a Equalization board member currently is the most highly qualified candidate for this position.

U.S. Senator
How To Vote: Barbara Boxer

Why: Barbara supports Californian families. Barbara desires to uphold privacy laws and personal liberties. She had great success as a Representative and has spoken to power with tenacity and fearlessness. She worked with John Ensign on the Invest in the USA Act to ensure Americans’ hard work best benefit Americans first. She gets excellent ratings in her support of human rights, and she has worked to effectively reduce urban violence.

US Representative
How To Vote: Lois Capps

Why: Lois is a sensible and moderate representative who has a diverse and deep plan for issues that face our district most pressingly. She is attuned to facts on the ground and understands the dynamics of our state and our nation much better than the other candidates. She supports the military and families.

Member of the State Assembly
How To Vote: Das Williams
Why: An innovative and energetic stance to stimulate job growth for our district. Das is anything but status quo, and he is able to capture the vision and desires of the politically uninitiated. He has the experience and the intelligence to best serve our district.

Superintendent of Public Instruction
How To Vote: Tom Torlakson
Why: Tom has a more concise and thorough vision of how to better our schools and has much wider endorsements.

SBCC Governing Board Member Trustee Area #1
How To Vote: Sally Green
Why: Experience, balanced vision for SBCC

SBCC Governing Board Member Trustee Area #3
How To Vote: Desmond O’Neill and Joe Dobbs
Why: Most experienced candidates, broadbased support

SBCC Governing Board Member #4
How To Vote: Kathryn Alexander (Kay)
Why: Most experience, effective leadership, coalition minded

Proposition 19
How To Vote: Yes
Why: Compassionate and reasonable. A good proposition for the health of our State.

Proposition 20
How To Vote: Yes
Why: Congressional districts should not be chose by self interested politicians but by a balanced panel. Holds incumbents accountable. Vote ‘No’ on Prop 27.

Proposition 21
How To Vote: No
Why: Our parks need funding, true. But taxes should be allocated as needed each year. There are many needy programs in our state.

Proposition 22
How To Vote: No
Why: It is ill timed and creates unnecessary barriers to the detriment of our state.

Proposition 23
How To Vote: No
Why: It is a blatant attempt by BigOil to stagnate our state’s energy development. Its bad for business, its bad for our health.

Proposition 24
How To Vote: Yes
Why: It is supported by teachers, workers, civic services. Its opponents are exclusively big corporations. A yes on 24 is a yes to working Californians, not to CEOs.

Proposition 25
How To Vote: Yes
Why: It is supported again by workers, not corporations. Jerry Brown also gives it a thumb’s up.

Proposition 26
How To Vote: No
Why: It is a reverse of 25–supported by large corporations again. No on 26….Yes on 25

Proposition 27
How To Vote: No
Why: It is a reverse of Prop 20….Prop 20 good redistricting…Prop 27 bad redistricting.

Measure Q-2010 SB Secondary School District
How To Vote: Yes
Why: Our Central Coast youth deserve it, and is supported widely by educators.

Measure R-2010 SB Elementary School District
How To Vote: Yes
Why: See Measure Q

Measure S-2010
How To Vote: Yes
Why: City council support, SB Independent endorsement

Measure T-2010
How To Vote: No
Why: It is established on bad argumentation with little or no evidence. Meanspirited and is a big government move on small businesses.

Please comment below with any questions, comments, or suggestions.
We all care about Santa Barbara and while I have researched each major candidate and each side of arguments,
I may have missed something.

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