In 2010, the biggest health insurance companies have given three times the cash to Republican lawmakers than Democrats.
They’re also paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobbyists closest to Republicans.

Why the love?

Insurance companies like the new health care law which states that individuals have to pay a fine to opt out of having insurance.
(That opt out will cost 95$ in 2014 and 695$ in 2016)
That’s not the issue. The companies just want the opt out to cost more.

Insurance companies like that more folks will be covered with health insurance.
That’s not the issue. The companies just want to deny your children coverage, quit coverage when you get sick, and pay very little if you’re sick for a long time.

Writes Noam Levey, “Insurers in the past have been able to count on the GOP, which often helped shape the market to the industry’s specifications…With the help of GOP legislation, insurers also have increasingly shifted costs to consumers through high-deductible plans…And Republicans have pushed to allow insurance companies to sell their plans across state lines, avoiding state regulations.”

So, it seems that Republican candidates and lawmakers are good on their promises: “You pay us enough money and we’ll get you a profit.”

If affordable and effective health insurance is what you want for your family, does the GOP deserve your vote?

Noam N. Levey “Health Insurers Pour Money Into GOP Campaings, Hoping To Limit New Regulations”
Los Angeles Times. Tuesday October 5th 2010,0,4869233.story